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Talkhouse Encore Cans

Fri, Aug 05, 22

Talkhouse Encore Cans

While on vacation last week I went to a bar called Stephen Talkhouse. At the bar, I had the opportunity to try these Talkhouse Encore cans. These are hands down some of the best canned vodka sodas and tequila sodas that I have ever tasted. They are also a NYS company, which is a huge plus! I met Ruby (the owner and creator of these cans) and during our conversation she told me that these cans were not upstate yet. So we exchanged contact information and now I am happy to say that we are the 1st store in the upstate market to sell these cans! 

We are selling each type in 4 packs for $11.99. Stop in and give them a try and then let me know what you think. You will not be disappointed!


Please check out the full story behind these cans on their website: https://talkencore.com/ethos/