Our Bourbon Barrel Program

Twice a year Valley Wine & Liquor of Herkimer and Herkimer County with the help of our customers (they help us taste barrel samples to find the best taste, texture and style), hand selects a specific bourbon and purchases the entire barrel from the distiller.  Depending on the “angel’s share” (that is the name for the amount of bourbon that evaporates over the years in the barrel) we yield as many as 180 bottles from any given barrel.  Buying a bourbon from a single barrel is unique because you are getting a special bourbon that is bottled especially for you, our customer. 

All bottles are specially labelled by the producer with the barrel and/or bottle number as well as alcohol strength which is usually higher than their regular products.

Our bourbon barrel program saves you money too!  Since we are purchasing the entire barrel, we receive the highest possible volume discounts available, and pass the savings on to you!  We have completed sold out bourbon barrel programs with George Dickel, Elijah Craig, Adirondack Distilleries, Cooperstown Distillery, Buffalo Trace, Old Forester,  Knob Creek, and even Mount Gay (Dark Rum).  

Need a super gift for Dad (or Mom), your boss, roommate, bachelor gift, tee package, corporate gift?  A specially selected bourbon barrel is the perfect gift!